How do I keep being positive?

Never had a girl friend, every relathionship doesn't get off the ground, forever virgin, depressed, blah blah blah you've heard this situation before.

My questrion is how can someone who has known only failure keep being positive? What can someone do to keep from giving up when after years of trying everything and not having so much as one minor sucess?

I don't want to be bitter and angry. I wasn't always like this, but when its been litterally years of nonstop failure where am I supposed to find the drive or energy to continue? At this point I really don't see any reason to get out of bed aside from work and food.

How does someone keep up the motivation on self improvement when it ultimately amounts to nothing?


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  • Although it maybe a bit cheesy, it's a good motivational speech for life:

  • I wish I could help but I feel like I am beginning to be in that same situation 😁

  • Been there at that same range too, I just never gave up hope, there is always some chance you'll find someone, even try different dating sites and see how that goes

    • Dating sites are a big contributor to my decline. I've done it for the better part of a decade and in that time I've gotten maybe a dozen or so replies and far fewer dates.

      If you are a man I would very much recommend you don't use dating sites. Girls never make the first move and they are pestered by thousands of other guys saying "want summ fuk?" for them to notice you. All it will do is destroy your self esteem and waste your time/money.

    • I only checked out the free ones and just kept hitting like until one replied but it was a long process, I would say it's better to try and meet them in similar activities or sports that woman are into