Any romantic stories out there?

Do you have a romantic story you want to share about you and your special someone?


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  • I remember when I met my true love. It was in a small book store in an inner city suburb of Sydney. We both reached for the same book and our hands touched and I said "oh, you're a fan of Tim Winton?" And she said yes.
    So I said OK, you have the book and she said no and I said I insist. Just like that she was gone. She bought the book and graciously strolled out the door but not before turning around to give me one last look as I pretended to be interested in some of the other literature for sale.
    So I stood there alone thinking "you fucking idiot, you should've talked to her" I knew this was the only chance I had and I knew it was love at first site.

    So I stormed out the door to chase after her. I looked left and I looked right but I didn't see her. But then I looked across the road and just saw the top of her head descending down the stairway to the underground railway station. I was just about to run across the road when an unusually long truck blocked my path as it stopped at the traffic lights. So I had to run around it to the pedestrian crossing to cross the road and enter the railway station.

    When I got down to the station she was already getting on the train. The doors closed just as I got to it but our eyes met and locked together as if there was a gravitational force stopping us from breaking eye contact. As the train started leaving we tried to stay face to face. Her running to the end of the train and me running to the end of the platform. We both got as far as we could. I thought I'd never see her again but right at the last moment, she pulled the emergency stop lever and burst through the doors and into my arms. We kissed passionately and spent that entire day and night together.


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