Do you think she is interested?

I've recently met this girl in my university who I share so many things in common with. We both like things like anime, video games, etc. We get along very well when we hang out together, and we always have something to talk about. She is a really nice person and always seems interested in me. However, I'm always the one initiating text conversations, planning our hangouts, etc. She told me all she does is stay in her dorm all day and either sleeps or watched videos. I'm the only close friend she's made at the school. Coincidentally, she's the only good friend I've made at the school as well. She goes home every weekend as well because she lives one hour from the school, and would rather be at home where she has friends and family than be alone at the school. Another thing we share in common is that we both feel very lonely at the school. The only difference is that she lives near, so she can go home whenever she wants, which is every weekend. Whenever we fininsh hanging out, she just says "bye" really quickly and heads back to her dorm. In fact, she did that the first time we ever hung out. Luckily, I said "wait" and asked her for her number. She had no problem giving me he contact information, though. I have a feeling she just hangs out with me because she's bored and has nothing else to do? If I hadn't been doing all the work, we probably wouldn't be friends right now. She just makes no effort talking to anyone else at the university. She has admitted that she is very lazy and just sleeps all day. She usually sleeps at around 5 am and doesn't get out of bed until around 2 pm. I get the feeling that she'd rather spend her days alone. It just sucks that we have so many things in common, even the fact that we have no friends. What do you guys think?


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  • She may just be really introverted
    Give it some time and then ask her if she really doesn't want anything to do with you that way you won't have to assume.

    • Yeah, and I've done some favors for her, and she just said, "Thanks." I'm not saying I'm expecting a lot in return, but at least some sort of effort to say hi. To her, I'm just another random guy friend, but to me, she's the only friend I've made in the last four years. She never texts me hi or asks how I'm doing. It's like she only reacts to things, but never initiates anything with other people.

    • Just go out and make some more friends i say just cut her off and dont bother if thats the case.

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  • No reciprocation on her part?

    C'mon man, the math is easy.

    If you're looking for something romantic, look elsewhere quick.