What if the girl u was sleeping with told u that she realized she was a lesbian?

me and this guy had been foolin around we like eachother but i felt like he was a player so after several times of him asking me to be his girl.. i kept sayin no to him.. he ended up gettin a girlfriend.. she lives serveral states away.. the last time we fooled around i told him i loved him.. i almost cried during sex.. loll he didn't say anything.. hours later while watching tv he says i love u to me out the blue.. the next day i told him i was moving.. in reality i just needed to get away from the situation.. he comes at me and says move in with me.. i told him i cant!!! for obvious reasons. well him and her broke up 2 months later.. he hits me up asks me to be his girl i told him we will talk when i see him.. before i got to see him his ex surprised him on Christmas with concert tickets to his fav band and flying allllllllllllll the way from the east coast to LA!! but i know she's gonna be going back home after Christmas break.. and i no he's gonna wanna chill.. but i just can't do this!! BUT i really wanna keep him as a friend.. sooo my plan is to tell him if he's asks that im a lesbian like straight up lesbian and i didn't no it til recently.. what would u do if a girl u was confused about and playin games with said this? would u be more likely to just be a friend to her and not play games with her anymore?


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  • I'd lose respect for you for not being honest. Just say what you want to say.


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