He Said I Love You, Did he Mean to?

So me and the guy have been talking for a good 4 months. He said he didn't want a relationship at the moment (way too much going on in his life, family problems) & I have no problem with that. We hang out, I spend the night/he spends the night, we go out to eat together, kiss in public , he buys me food. People assume we date because he doesn't talk to anyone else and I don't either. And when people ask are we talking we both tell people that we do. He tells his guy friends I'm off limits. Bascially we do the relationship stuff but aren't in one (idk that's another confusing part lol, any one know what we are doing or what it's considered?) Well one day I was at his house and we were hanging out and we started play fighting. I started tickling him and he did it back. Both of us were laughing telling each other to stop and then I got on top of him to were he couldn't tickle me. He was still laughing telling me to stop and i laughing to. Then all of a sudden he yells out "I love you *my name*" twice in a row. I get off of him laughing I'm like what ? He's calming his breath because obviously he was laughing from being tickled. Then he said it AGAIN! , "oh my gosh I love you *my name*" . I asked him in a joking way like do you realize what you just said. He was like I don't know what you talking about hahaha and said he just said it to make me stop tickling him. Does anyone know what the hell this means? Like did he really just say it to get me to stop tickling him or did he mean it? Like who says I love you to make someone stop tickling them? I don't know even though we have only been talking for 4 months , we are really close like he's told me deep stuff about him and so have I, like we have gotten deep. So yeah I need help about what me and this guy are !

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  • No one truly knows if he meant it or not except him. I'm not saying he didn't mean it, but it's impossible to know for sure. Honestly, I think he meant it. Just by how you describe your relationship. He is probably just afraid to admit his real feelings, especially since you did not say it back, but questioned him about what he said instead. Not that you should have said it back, unless you actually do love him too.