Girls would you date a guy that is much shorter than you?

It seems to me that most of the men I have dated who are on the short side are a bit insecure (not all but most). If you where a female 5'7" and you met a guy who was 5'2" would you date him.


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  • Of all the topics in this website, this one strikes my nerves more than the debate about virginity. As a short man, I can't tell you how many counts of rejections based on my lack of height I have suffered throughout my life. When the numbers reached over 2,000 I stopped counting. I hate being judged based on my lack of rebounding skill with equal vehemency as being judged negatively on my heritage. I've even had women shorter than I(5-feet-6) say no to me. Zero fun. But women are entitled to their types so I have given up on trying to convince women that the quality of a man is not based on how tall he stands, what race he is or what car he drives. Then again, live isn't fair is it?

    • You made me laugh again. Don't worry I am not one of those woman who judges a guy buy height or race. I am only 5'2" So most men stand taller than I. As for race. I believe we are all God children and if you like someone go for it. My family is very multi-cultured.

    • Glad I made your day. I guess. At no point did I have any humor in my post at all; no this time. Life as a short man really hurts like hell. Sometimes I get so furious as to why parents didn't go thru with my abortion. They might have done me a favor. Oh well, at least my PlayStation loves me.

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  • I've dated guys who were shorter, but never by that much. Unless he had absolutely everything else going for him, I probably wouldn't. I mean in heels that would be like 8-9 inches taller and I think I'd feel ridiculous. Of course I feel kinda bad about saying this, but it's not like it's the only physical characteristic that would make me not want to date someone. I'm not really sure why this would be any different than not liking someone because of how they looked and I probably wouldn't feel bad for that.

  • I'm 5'8" and I've always dated guys around my height. One was a bit shorter (less than an inch) and the rest are all an inch or two taller. I could never see myself with a guy more than a bit shorter than me. Why? Because they're always self conscious of it, of me being taller. The one guy dated that was shorter than me always hinted at it being something that should bother me, and it started to, only because he couldn't get over it. If I were to meet a guy that didn't let it bug him, then maybe I would. But I've never met a guy that was okay with it.

    Plus there's the whole feelings of security thing. Also, I feel more. Compatible with someone my height.

    • I understand about the hinting it is sort of like a guy who hints about his penis being to small. This is exactly why I threw the question out their because even if a woman is alright with a guy being shorter they really aren't. They are the one's it seems with the self-image problem. I have to say it does disturbed me that you young woman all seem to have this thing about feeling secure or protected. You woman need to feel secure within yourselves.

    • Haha, I'm not sure I'm the one you should be telling this to, but alright. the guy I'm "dealing" with right now is shorter than me, but he's so confident and sure of himself anyway. I think he's really attractive, and I'm perfectly okay with the thought of dating him. It's just not often in my life that a guy shorter than me even tries to flirt with me.

      also, the security thing more has to do with primal things. maybe a survival thing, less so related to self- esteem.

  • I know this will sound really superficial, but no, I wouldn't. I'm 5'7" and my preference is men 6' and over because I can wear heels and still be shorter. I like the feeling of looking up at a man; I think it's security. However, I would date a man just an inch or two taller. But shorter? I really don't think so.

    I'm pretty embarrassed to admit this, though!

    • Thank you hotmama for your honesty much appreciated and it isn't superficial. We all have our likes and dislikes. I don't like dating a skinny guy. I don't want to feel bigger than my man. That doesn't make me superficial.!

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    • I wonder if it's also related to what we grow up with. My brother an father are both tall, so it's really what I'm used to.

    • Yes, hotmama. If I could I would give you the prize. It has a lot to do with what you grow up with. It isn't weird. It's a fact. We tend to be attracted to the physical features that we grew up around. For example my dad went salt and pepper at a young age and I was always attracted to men who had a little gray running through their hair.! Excellent insight.

  • I'm 5"4 I would date a guy taller then me, but I just found out someone likes me well he is the height as me so that would be a new thing for me. and I would try it can't be that bad right? At least I wouldn't have to bend down to kiss him or stand on my tippy toes.

  • I feel a bit bad for saying it, but no.

    I like to feel safe and protected by my guy.. I like to lean against him and put my head on his chest.. I like having to look up at him to kiss him..

    It's just my type is all, however I know many girls who are dating shorter guys.. My old boss/sisters best friend just married a guy who is about 4-5 inches shorter than she is.

    • Wanna feel safe? Carry a 10mm automatic pistol. Works every time. A bigger man does not always men they are the best bodyguards. It usually means the bigger guys are the first to start a fight. Whoever picks a fight with a man twice as big? But everyone will fight a guy like me in a heartbeat. No fun. None.

    • It's a matter of preference. Everyone has something they like. Some people like blondes, some like brunettes. I happen to be one that has a preference for those tall, skinny dark eyed dark haired boys, my significant other has a preference for those average height, healthy weight, blonde haired green eyed girls. My best friend likes blonde boys that are her height (5'5"-ish). Everyone likes something different.

    • Oh, and if my 6'2" boyfriend ever started a fight with anyone and I heard about it? I'd be gone. He's 30 years old, TOO old to be starting fights. Even too old to continue a fight, if I saw him throw a punch at anyone that would be the end of it -I don't like my boys violent.

  • Shore. The only guy I've ever dated was shorter than me. And as I stand 5'3". that's saying something.

    Though, generally I'm more attracted to taller men.