Dating my best friends ex? How long till it's acceptable?

My best friend has recently broken up with his girlfriend. Me and her were always friends and we get along really well but we've realised we get on really really well and are considering dating, but, I'm not comfortable dating my best friends ex as it's a dick move. In your opinion what is a good length of time to wait before we get together? And should I ask him to make sure he's ok with it?


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  • Wait until your best friend is ok with it. It might take a few weeks or it could be never.

    • But how do I ask him? I can't just be like "hey, when will you be ok with me going out with (her name)"

    • Next time you two are together just tell him you've developed feelings for his ex but you don't want to ask her out until he's OK with it. Then ask him if he's ok with it.

      Just bare in mind that if he's not then he might be uncomfortable with you two hanging out.

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