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Ok I was hanging out with this girl we was smoking please don't judge but she asked me what do I want to do I froze up because I was nervous to say the wrong thing I wonder if I kept a good poker face up but like as soon as she said that I wanted to lean in and kiss her because that's what I wanted to do we were in the car I've known her for 7 years and this was are first time hanging out one on one not in a school setting.. So she asked me and I was and I nervously asked back because I didn't want to make the wrong move what do you want to do she replied I'm asking you or something like that I don't know and repeated what do you want to do I asked her what do you mean and she was like we can smoke that blunt or do something else what you wanna do... I got nervous times 10 this time and because I was in her car not near my car I told her let's smoke what do you think she meant by that ladies what do you mean by that when you ask that type of question did she want me to make a move or something?


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  • Yes, she was pretty much was trying to see your motives.
    Go for it next time.
    Don't be so shy.
    What's the worse that can happen?


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