Why do girls do this?

another thing which ticks me off which some girls do... why? you are in a situation like in class (sitting next to or behind a girl) or in line at starbucks (behind a girl in line) you converse with the girl, you pull her #, then you find an activity for the date like going mini golfing or something to break the ice and get to know her, you text her a day later proposing the offer to her to go mini golfing she either says: excuses, doesn't remember you, or she's too busy. I don't get it, why bother giving us your numbers and then when we try to set something up with you girls you make up excuses etc... why do you give us your numbers when you never bother to try to get to know us. when girls give us your numbers well for me I'm put under the impression a girl likes me and if the number is real. so wtf is wrong with you girls, why in the fuck sake do you do that?

i feel like pulling a girls digits nowadays is not as valuable as it once was...


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  • I only have one instance when I gave a guy my number that I didn't want to hand out. It was after a college night class. We were friendly with each other. He kept asking me out on dates to which I declined because I wasn't interested. He insisted on walking me to my car one night, I was honestly nervous because he was so insistent. I gave him my number to appease him because I became frightened. I think I had about 2 weeks left of class. I told security I was concerned but didn't want him in trouble because it could easily be an honest mistake. The security guy made it a point to talk to me after class or him to allow me to leave, etc.

    I casually replied to his texts until the class was over and then I firmly said I wasn't interested. He tried a little longer but then stopped texting me.

    Sorry I don't mean to imply you're too forceful I don't know you. That's just the one time I gave out my number when I didn't want to but it seemed like the safest option.


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