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My boyfriend and I had a bit of an argument about a huge factor in our relationship. We've both come to an agreement on how we both need to deal with it all. We ended the argument on good terms. We also agreed to not see each other for a few days just to like let things settle and what not. Even though we ended the argument on good terms, and even reaching an agreement, is a few days apart a good idea?


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  • I say no it isn't a good idea. If issues are left unresolved the fester inside and become a much bigger issue down the road. Everyone deals with issued or conflict differently , I'm head on. I want to resolve thing as soon as possible and avoid the ripple effects in the future

    • We resolved the issue. But just taking a day to really cool off. We aren't doing it out of spite or to really think about if this is what we want.

    • If your both good with this arrangement then everything should be ok. It's just not for me I guess

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