With this attitude , u won't be able to go far?

Today I don't know more and more guys are into body hair removal and what's funny is that they aren't much hairy to begin with...
... while I am a guy who is naturally far far hairy than most of the males... and I absolutely love being soo hairy... I feel different and nice n unique... there's nothing gross about being very hairy... not many men are very hairy to begin with esp on the upper body... I like it...
... but given my attitude of being very hairy and yet not removing or reducing it... there are very faint chances of girls finding me attractive and sexually appealing and a prospective mate. Is it?
I was too busy all along my early twenties and never bothered to date... sadly.


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  • I don't understand what kind of advice you're looking for...

    • That should i strip off all of my super hairiness?

    • If you're confident with your hair, keep it. If not, remove it.

    • i personally am fine... I don't know if my SO lady will appreciate it or not...

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