Why Do I Feel This Way, All Of A Sudden?

Hello there. :)

So, over the summer, I met this man. He came up to me, actually. Only a few months later, in October, we started to see eachother. We had three very good dates, where we connected and talked about so much together. Soon after, he went on the road for work. At first, I really missed him and couldn't wait for him to get back.

Now, it's been two months and he comes home on Friday. But, I'm nowhere near as thrilled about it as I thought I would be. I am more scared and nervous than anything else.

But, why exactly am I feeling this way? :(


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  • You are scared that you will hit the spark and know that things will end up again with him leaving

    • Or, that he may have lost interest from being away for so long. :(

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    • You are sweet, he must be liking you a lot already

    • I hope so. He seems to... For now. :P

What Girls Said 1

  • You've probably lost interest due to the time.

    • I think that will change, when I see him again. Because, he's always managed to make me feel something, when we are physically together, in the same room. It's just hard when he's on the road...