Should I give him my number?

A little back story. I started going to this gym. It's a martial art gym that has also a weight lifting area
I started noticing that this guy is noticing me. He wasn't obvious. And when ever the trainer said something to me he was there to listen, without commenting something. There was this one time when i asked him if he still needs this sanitizer that we use after the training and he didn't expect me to ask him something , and he answered kind of nervous and made little eye contact (rapid blinking). I think he mey be shy around me , because we rarely speak and when i look at him he breaks eye contact, but he is confident with others.
Then i took a long break from my training because i got hurt and haven't seen him. After two months i returned and didn't notice him around. I don't go that often anymore so it makes it harder.
There was this day, we trained next to each other, he with his partner and me with mine and kinda spoke more with one another, interacted more. As the training ended, he said bye to his friends, looked at me and said bye, i notice he was a little awkward. I waited a couple of seconds and went to him to ask if he could help me on a small project from my school. Nothing fancy, he accepted but said not today only in two days, I said that the project needs to be done by dawn.
Then this dude that was near us, asked him something and i didn't get his attention anymore. I was afraid this whole time ( on a regular basis I'm not this confident), so i got pissed and left to do my sit ups , without discussing further. He didn't came to discuss and didn't saw him in the gym the day he told me we would meet to help me with my project.
Since then we haven't spoken , but i see him leave from the weight lifting area , and he sees me, and when he was ready to live he took a last glance in the gym and we looked eyes for two seconds. The gym is big so we were far from each other
The last time i saw him was last week , as he was leaving. Someone told him Merry Christmas , he waved , smiled , and as we were face to face, none of us had a smile on our face. There was a pause , he said hi I said a shy hi. He went home, I guess, and I went training.
I'm getting impatient because i see him very rarely, and i just want to move on, or make a bold decision believing that maybe he's too shy.


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  • Yeah go for it

    • Wait what? Is that simple? I'm confused...

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    • What I suggest is pretty simple

    • Yeah you're right... I'm the one who is overthinking it.

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