This is a weird feeling I wonder if you felt it?

I was overweight not confident and really not intersting or attractive during highschool mainly because i didn't care enough about improving myself , but once school was over and i started caring i lost lots of weigt and hit the gym and got a nice body, loads of confidence along with friends ( iam 6'2 by the way, tan) and have , i've realised a while ago that women find me quite attractive and a lot of them admitted it either by words or actions , its cool though i dont take advantage of anyone ( dated 2 ) ...

so this girl , she has a nice body, really pretty and talented a great girl i used to have a huge crush on her during highschool i would wait for the lunch break just to take one look at her , never had the confidence to talk to her and found out after a while that she has a boyfriend (still together after 5 years) ... long story short , we go to the same university, share the same bus twice a week. iam sure she recognizes me even if a little bit but here's the thing she doesn't seem to take her eyes off me , like WOW !! she looks and looks and looks, gives me these attraction stares , i know because i look too and i caught her doing that more than i could count ( not to mention that she's really shy around me which is not something she usually does ) , iam no home wrecker so iam not gonna try anything but it just feels weird after all this time ( 3 years ) and reminds me of some of the feelings i had , i've been in some shitty situations so i know how to deal with it but what do you guys think? what does it mean? , ever had something similiar happen to you?


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  • I have a story to share.
    It's not extremely similar but it flows along those same lines.
    I was constantly picked on in school.
    Fast forward years later, when I was 18 the same guys that used to make fun of me, had their jaws dropping to the floor when they saw me.
    As I walked by them, I heard one of them say "Is that Stacy?" the other said "Yes!"
    They seemed shocked.
    They were looking at me in a way of admiration.
    They were checking me out.
    It felt weird because wasn't I the same girl whose appearance they made fun of?
    It just goes to show you how superficial some people are.
    Personally, I like a heart of gold and wouldn't want to make friends with someone if they didn't like how I was before.
    I was always the same person, I just look a little different now.
    You're probably a very attractive guy now given all the hard work you have accomplished. You deserve someone that will see you for YOU (on the inside).
    Yes physical attraction is a bonus, but I have confidence that you will find that girl who will fall in love with the personality traits you have to possess.

    • i sure understand that personality is very important but on the other hand people care about looks there is no way around it people want attractive people as partners , i know it sounds shallow but its life and even the best person in the world wants someone hot.

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    • yeah she is ( as far as i know ) and i know how its like to be in a realtionship so i will never try anything or ruin anything for her i will look for someone while keeping my distance , but it just feels weird after all this time.

    • Yeah , it should feel weird because you're not used to all of this attention

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