Guys, if he doesn't drag an online chat is it a bad sign?

This is my shy crush and am pretty sure he likes me cuz he stares a lot and smiles nd be nervous around me.. althu when i start a chat he doesn't try to drag it any further " i said something funny , he laughed and thats it " .. is it a bad sign? Should i be the one who drag the chat?

This thing happened twice , we had a really long chat before " lasted for 4 hrs straight " nd it was full of laughters cuz he's so funny
What do you think guys


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  • I think that the convo should just "flow" and that if ___ or you is trying to, or having to feel that you have to "drag it that's a bad sign.

    And some people don't like to "text" nor spend too much time doing this or that in general at times. So I wouldn't put much stock into it.

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