What is going on with this weirdos like this guy and sexual moves?

i dont get it--im a hot sexy woman- guys i meet will say im a hot sexy woman, theyre super turned on by me, and yet i have to make all the moves and in the end, they ask me to touch them?
can a guy explain what is going on with these freaks? I met a guy recently- we had met b4 and he didn't tell me until the end. He seemed nice and was ok with buying me food etc. At one point he seemed really turned on, but i could tell he didn't want to make a move. I felt the energy and it was bothering me. He kept kind of projecting it and after a long time, i finally said... well you can put your arm around me. He sort of did. Then I had to keep making moves. Finally we were in the parking lot and he sort of put his arms around me and touched my breasts a bit. I told him he can go under my shirt- he said oh not here b/c it was a disney parking lot. I said ok let's take my car somewhere else. He said he had to get his car by 1am. I thought ok maybe he's not that interested. I just said ok so we're going to get ur car and he said i could drop him off.

I dropped him off at his car, and he barely touched my leg and left. Then he's texting me saying "i live nearby, you're welcome to come anytime etc." i said it was too late i was almost home, and why didn't he invite me earlier--like wtf? I really made like 15 moves and had to keep telling him he had the green light to do stuff... now he's texting me saying he wasn't sure what I wanted b/c i didn't want to kiss. I said you could touch my breasts and i even said that if i say one thing it means they can do almost anything. and i said other stuff. Now he's saying "well u can touch me too if u want." I'm confused- wouldn't men want to be all over a hot sexy girl like a real 'man'? not play games, be scared, scared to touch her, nonsense. He even said he met me b4 and remembered me cuz i was so hot... i dont get these guys- what is wrong with them..


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  • Sometimes guys are nervous about moving faster than she wants. And they need a flashing neon sign that says "OPEN FOR BUSINESS".

    If you want to have sex with him. Tell him bluntly.

    • i didn't want sex- i was trying to just fool around a bit and told him and he kind of did nothing and ditched me--was a weirdo

  • Wow I would of picked you up and put you on the trunk with that many signals. Even make strides to take it further. Like a lot of girls don't give signals the way you do. Unless they're drunk or bold.


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  • Yeah does seem kind of weird. You must be so hot it's intimidating. Or else he must be a wuss. Or he's just a weirdo and you should find somebody else. I doubt he's trying to be respectful since he would rather you make the first move. I don't know really. Usually guys who like women to be in control still make the first move and let the woman do some things. Good luck.

    • i agree-i dont think its respectful if the woman is saying she wants something and the guy isn't doing anything.. he's being a jerk. These guys are weird and somethings just wrong with them.. it seems to be lots of guys these days thanks

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    • oh ok well he's already with you- but normal guys i think would be like that right away if a girl tells him he can. weirdos do the weird sh*t like this guy- and most of the creeps online

    • oh yeah ok I understand. just flat out weirdos.