Should I believe his reason for not wanting to be anything right now?

There is this guy I have known for quite some time. We both admitted we love each other, he said he's always liked me since high school when we didn't really talk. We've seen each other off and on because we were in college and a relationship didn't make sense at the time. If I was ever with anyone else, he'd get jealous and always worry if I was with anyone but him even if we weren't together. I thought he'd change and grow up a little, because he recently told me he wanted to be with me and regrets all the time he blew me off before. Now he is saying he still loves me and eventually wants to be with me but doesn't know what he wants right now. As 22 & 23 year olds, should I be understanding of him? Part of me feels like seeing other people then getting into something, but if you love someone shouldn't that not matter? Should I believe him?


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  • Yes you should.