How to be with him without the past getting in the way?

The guy I am seeing's girlfriend broke up with him about 6 months ago.
It hit him hard & as his best friend at the time I helped him through it.
We are now more & get closer every day...

because we were friends before, rumours started that he had been cheating. It did get flirty but we were never physically together when they were.

there was drama when they first broke up but have been civil recently. He even said he was going to get coffee with her so he could get his belongings back. She sent him a merry Christmas message which made him sad because of memories & I wasn't around at the time to make him happy

this weekend a photo of me & a friend was taken at his house which she noticed & sent him an abusive message & bringing up the rumours. He was upset by this & has said something about us potentially never being able to be a thing because everyone will believe the cheating rumours!

How do I get to be with him without her & the rumours getting the way?


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  • The only way you two will get to be together is to go straight to the tumors and debunk it in public. Call a lier just that a lier and it will be best if he does it. The public will recieve and believe it as fact if he pulls the teeth of the snake spewing the venom. But it will make one enemy for sure , not that she sounds like a fan at this point. The only question that remains is , would he do this?


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