Ladies sex question?

So get this i dated her for a year. No sleeping together since she claimed she was a virgin and wanted to wait. Yes i'd hint but even she'd said she won't put out. We kept dating pg13 dates until she left to college so we had to break up. We still kept in touch but only online. I'd then see pics of her sitting on dudes laps & dirty dancing & drinking. A year later she moves back home. One day she calls me and we get food. Keep in mind i haven't seen her in one year (she's now 20). I asked if she dated? She said nothing serious. I asked how far she got? She started getting uncomfortable i can tell. She then said "none of your biz". I re-asked many times and all times she kept quite, covering her ears, and then singing a song , speed walk to avoid my question. I then admitted i dated/slept with an ex and she got mad. She then said "just one thats it hotshot".

My question is what does it mean when a girl keeps quie? Why do you think she did that?


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  • You keep spamming this question.


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