Guys, Help!!! What does this mean?

I asked this guy to do something together and he replied "one day".
What does that mean? he's expecting me to be around or what?
Please how do I interpret this?

Watch a series of movie's together all day.


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  • He means that it isn't gonna happen until he is ready. Now if he expects you to wait he has some inflated sense of self worth for sure

    • We'll we kinda are seeing each other. I mean it's nothing major but it's not that he's planning on it just doesn't know when?

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    • That's entirely up to you two and I will not play 100 questions as I have on other questions lol. I just give answers based on the limited details given

    • Okay thanks

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  • It sounds a bit like he's getting off on teasing you, or he's trying to sound all poignant because he's watched too many films :D I could be wrong, but that's how it sounds.

    Probably an immaturity thing on his part. He should probably just stop messing you around and give you a proper answer! You should ask for one and warn him you'll move on if you don't get one. That should snap him out of it ;)

    • Sound like what?
      Well I mean it's not a major thing, we are kinda seeing each other but you don't think he's making a plan just doesn't know when?

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    • No I said it was nothing too important. By the context it sounded to me like he expects me to be around for a long time, right?

    • Haha, maybe or just pick a better film/ series :p Ask him what he wants to watch maybe.

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