Girls, how can I stop feeling insecure?


1. Getting a girlfriend (limitations below)
2. Being overweight (160lbs)
3. being short (5foot 9)
4. having a short package (3 inches)
5. Being Indian
6. Being a virgin.


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  • You shouldn't feel limited because of any of the things you listed. And I don't think you should worry about being a Virginia since there are many girls who are still virgins and a lot don't care if you are a virgin. As for your physical qualities like being Indian, "over weight," and having a "short" package, im just going to tell you looks aren't everything. Honestly I've met a lot of guys who I didn't think we're physically attractive at first but after getting to know them I was 100% attracted to them. No one can tell you how to stop being insecure only you can fix that. But I order to fix it you have to starting loving who you are first


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  • If your not happy about being overweight the only way to overcome that is do something about it, work on changing your diet and getting fit. The better you look the more confident you feel, also try and focus on your good qualities instead of the negative and read self help books on self love and how to build your confidence. Stop thinking you have to be what everyone wants and be who you want to be. It won't be easy but it will be worth it! Good luck