Is it weird to give a guy your number?

I have been shopping at this store by my house for a few years now. There is this guy that im very attracted to. one time as we were leaving i pointed him out to my sister and she started yelling about how hot he was. Since then i am so embarrassed when i see him, so i dont even look at him. Guys hit on me alll the time. I have blonde hair hazel eyes, 34d natural boobs, 27 inch waist and a what they big butt. Sometimes i feel like my look only attract raunchy sex driven jerks, but this guy seems sweet and definitly has my attention. Should i give him or ask for his number. I have never been the one to approach a guy. How do I do it?

  • Give him my number
  • Or not
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  • I just posted a question related to this. I gave a guy I've been interested in for over a year my number on Wednesday. He didn't ask for it, but he took it. I still haven't heard from him and it sucks, but the fact is is that I did it and it felt great. You'll never know if you don't try.

    • Aw thanks, I think I'm just nervous, it would be me approaching him at his job, ... scary😰

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    • Oh my god I read your question, iGood job on approaching him and Good luck with everything😊next time I see him... I'll figure out what to say 😎

    • Things are pretty good. We went on our first date a couple weeks ago and we have one set up for tomorrow night! Have you given him your number yet?

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