Girl wanted to date me, and I rejected her, but now I want her and she hates me?

about 3 months ago, i lived with her briefly for 2 weeks or so when i couldnt find a new apartment. she was a friend and did me a favor. one night we hooked up on my bed, we just made out for a really long time. i tried taking her pants off, and she wouldn't let it happen. then we talked for like an hour.

next day, the same exact thing happened only in her room. then she says "i dont just do this with anyone, so if were gonna keep doing this..." meaning she wanted to date me. i didn't know what to say. so i waited for her to fall asleep, then i went to my bed. then i realized i forgot my phone in her room, and i went back and found her smoking a cigarette in bed with the lights on looking sad. about a week later she told me i can't stay with her anymore...

we have such great chemistry, its such a shame. but it was scary to me and everything happened so fast. all of a sudden im living with this girl, cooking for the both of us while she's waiting on the couch with netflix ready.

it just freaked me out me out, cause i've never really had a serious girlfriend. and this is definitely what she wanted. the thing is, sometimes i dont even realize i STILL mess with her head unintentionally. she's a bartender and sometimes on the weekends i call her and ask her where she's working tonight, and that i might come visit. but i never do. that's happened about 5 times.

do i make her feel used, unwanted and rejected? do i just make this girl feel like an idiot? cause now she barely answers my messages, yet i still text her. i really like her so much and i feel like such an asshole cause i probably made this girl so sad..


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  • Be honest with her about what you want, and why. Don't manipulate someone you claim to care about. And if you truly don't care, stop leading her on. If you just don't know what you want, at least tell her that much so she knows what page you're on.

  • make up for not visiting and using her


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