Girl friend and getting over the worries?

I would like to have a girl friend of my own! But the problem is that whenever i am around most girls that aren"t family i get the sick to my stomach feeling and wanting to throw up! How do i over come that? And is it normal for everyone?


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  • It's nerves, right? I wouldn't say it's normal for "everyone", but people do experience it. I get it, too. I'm not sure what kind of advice to give you... you just need to figure out what exactly it is that makes you feel that way and find a way to fix it. Just remember that there's nothing to be afraid of. :) We're not that scary, and I think the more you talk to girls the easier it'll be. Start small, just say hi to people you pass by. I'm not sure how great of advice that is, but I wish you the best of luck

  • ur probably just nervous


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