Guys, when your girlfriend misses you, how do you feel? Do you want her to tell you?

I miss my boyfriend. I'm away with my family for the holidays. I miss my boyfriend so much. I miss everything about him, his personality, being with him, sex, literally everything. How do I tell him without seeming to needy. Does it seem needy to tell him. How would you want your girlfriend to tell you? Text? Call? A huge embrace the next time you see each other and express how much you miss them. I just want him to know how I feel but I don't want to push him away.


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  • Its always nice to hear you've been missed


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  • You're not going to sound needy he'll probably just feel loved if you tell him that you miss him. Maybe give him a little text and when you finally see him in person a huge hug ☺️


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  • I think they like it as much as we do, but I too suffer from fear of sounding too needy or him not responding well for whatever reason.