Why would a girl just start avoiding me, and how should I continue?

I'm 18, out of highschool, and I work in retail. Started training a new girl at the store, she was pretty reserved/shy, but she opened up and we started talking and things seemed pretty good. She always started smiling when we saw eachother, laughed at my jokes, and pretty good eye contact. So I get her number (kind of felt like I was forcing her to give it to me) and I text her to hang out, and she says she is busy, but I figured she was just shy and I needed to stay at it. 2 weeks later of me warming up to her, and I get her to come out at 9am and we had a date, it went pretty ok, it didn't get as intimate or sexual as I should have taken it. I shot her a text the next day and she ignored it, I then shot her a text 2 days later and we had a short conversation about work, and then we worked together, it had some awkward moments but for a good part, it was how we were usually, smiling, and laughing. I told her that I wanted to see her again, she said she worked all week, which I know is kind of false, but I still said we should get together before work, she didn't seem displeased with it though. I told her that I would text her a day and place soon, and the next day I shoot her a text, and I get nothing... Is this a shy girl thing, to where they purposly try to bomb a relationship, or is she just not intresed, and should I continue trying with her?


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  • If she is shy, she probably doesn't know what to do that far in a growing relationship


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