Is cooking dinner a good date idea?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 months now. We usually go out for dinner or go to the movies for dates, but I decided I am going to cook dinner for our next date. We are both in University so we don't get home cooked meals very often. Its often quick and easy meals for both of us, so I thought maybe a nice home cooked meal would be a good date idea. I was going to cook a venison roast since he has never had any before. It would be the first time I have seen him since the holidays started because we both went home for Christmas.

Guys, would you like it if your girlfriend did something like that?
Girls, would you do something like that?


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  • It's the perfect next step. So many good positive things going on here.
    Your showing maternal profiling skills.
    He's been invited into your home. Safe ground for you and he will need to behave accordingly.
    You will take the lead he must follow.
    Because I suspect your a good cook it will give you coincidence in your home.
    Guys also go soft at the knees being cared for in this way.
    Relax and enjoy your well thought out eventually evening
    He's a lucky guy I love venison lol.

    • He has been over lots to my house. Usually about 2-3 times a week we spent the night together.

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    • It went good, he loved the venison. I cooked dinner and we watched a movie before he had to leave for a late shift.

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  • I have never cooked dinner for a girl I'm into and not end up having sex after.

    So yeah... I guess it's a good idea.

    • Well seeing as I am dating him, sex is a given. But he's never had venison, so I thought I would make us a nice dinner. My uncle makes wines, so I have a few bottles of wine, and we haven't seen each other in about two weeks.

    • Awesome.

      These little gestures mean the world to guys.

  • Sounds like a great idea. Anything tastes better than dorm food.


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