Should I stop talking to him?

Okay so I've known this guy for 3 years now since 8th grade. That year we dated but we were little so it was like a 4 day thing. Then freshmen year of high school I had him for a class so we'd bug each other all year. I liked him but never told him because he had a girlfriend. They broke up after a few months. And now sophomore year I'm friends with her , we're not super close but we're good friends. I still like this guy & I know she still loves him , so I feel like me dating him would be wrong. However , we've started talking a lot again , and he recently came to see me at my house & I don't know what to do. Should I stop talking to him? I really don't want her to hate me or anything. But if I have to be honest , I really do see myself with him for a long time. Help?


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  • Invite your female friend over to your house and have a conversation with her on this subject. It may not turn out well, but I really don't see any other choice.

  • The answer to that question is usually yes. But, follow your heart.


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  • OMG lol I felt like I was reading my own love story, but ya first love and I dated for like a week or something in grade 8 and I still love him so much, he was like my best friend really. I recently started talking to him again and it felt so good. I'm happy and I dont regret it, just make sure you won't regret your decision. I also see myself with him but the problem is that he's muslim and I'm christian so thats like I guess a problem but whatever.

    • I'm so sorry , that sucks 👎🏻 , but thank you for sharing ! And for taking the time to answer !

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    • Happy New Year and thank you!

    • thanks and NP :);)