What does it mean if she deletes her convos with her ex and her friends before she come see you?

I need to know that and also, she blocked me on facebook tonight. She been tryna argue with me all day long. I just ognored it. I tried asking her what wrong she reply nun or ok. My phone died for a while i got home she still mad thinking im lying then i just say forget it on all bc i dint wanna argue with her. So i say gn and try to just text tomorrow and she say om just ognoring her, but i tried to talk to her. I snapped and bles all the way up cussed her out real good. See the thing is o always accused her of cheatong bc i have trust problens bad and i tell her when im having these issues and try to work them out. She dont like me accusing her bit she always be telling me like say im finna go to sleep she will say dont be up textin nonbody or when im going out woth a friend she wil say, do be doing anything you not suppost to. I finally made my mind up im not gone accuse ger of anything i want peaceful days. The morning was good and when i told her my phone died that what made everything happen lol idc thoughim tired of females its obvious they nit for me im a loyal dude and females today just lie to much abiut everything im sure she cheating she blocked me on fb she say im the only person she talk to but you wouldn't block the only person you talk to


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  • It means she is hiding something.


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