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So me and my so called boyfriend gave been dating or 5 weeks he tells me he wants to slow down then he tells me he needs his space. He freaked out about what I wore out last night for my birthday and he doesn't like my friends. He keeps telling me he doesn't want to break up. He has a second Facebook which I am blocked from. I tried calling him and found out he blocked my called. I sent him a video this morning of me crying asking him to come get his stuff I think we should break up. Then he and I messaged each other and he still says he doesn't want to break up but my calls are still blocked. I might be pregnant and I have a feeling he is waiting till Friday when I found out if I am or not and that's when I think he is going to break up with me. What should I do? Sadly I really care about him and have feelings for him.


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  • I think it's safe to say he definitely doesn't want to be with you unfortunately. Also what's up with the 2nd FB account, that's awfully suspicious? Whether or not you are pregnant I think it's time to end it. It sounds like he doesn't treat you right. If you've got this much drama after 5 weeks, imagine what it will be like in 5 years.

  • Fucking kids shouldn't be having relationships, reading through it's like "wtf?" with regards to both of you. Let's hope you're not preg. There's nothing you can do, he's clearly a dickhead.

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