Guys, is this normal? Is he likely to return?

A guy I was seeing for a few months decided that although he sees a future with me and has strong feelings for me feels like he needs to get it out of his system since he has been in a relationship previous to this for a long time and never got the chance to be single. He says that he wants me but knows I want a relationship and isn't ready to settle down just yet but wants me in his life
I told him I can't do that and understands that he needs to go through that phase. He said he understands my decision to walk away and he'll let me know when he's ready to be with me. I just told him I won't be waiting around and that I may not be available when he's ready to settle down.
he's recently been getting a shitload of attention from girls so I think he's enjoying it.
he's messaged me twice since ending it and told me I'm an amazing person and then today messaged me and said he thinks I'm one of the most caring people he's ever met and again asked if I would still consider being in his life in some way shape or form. I told him no I needed time to move on

Is is this normal for a guy to go through?
Will he come back eventually?
Whats your thoughts?


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  • All that stuff is flaky bullshit and it's pretty selfish. People will doormat you if you let them, that much is normal.