Long distance heartbreak help?

ok bare with me... i have to go in to detail on this one... So i am currently in a tough position.. I met this guy through mutual friends almost two years ago... we ended up becoming friends on social media and would hang out in a group frequently. At this time he had a girlfriend so i naturally placed him in the friend catergory, even though i found him attractive. we kept a friendlt connection messaging eachother we have so many similar interests its almost scary. I literally felt so in sync with him over messages and phone calls. our interactions were not constant but when we did message or chat it was so inevitably amazing. about 8 months of knowing him he started expressing issues with his girlfriend he opened up to me about them and of course i tried to be positive I wasn't interested in stealing someones boyfriend or manipulating the situation. I genuinely cared about him & his happiness. Eventually they ended up splitting up... around that time we started talking every day almost hourly.. we would send flirty pictures to each other & have real heart to heart conversations about life our situations ( very similar) family problems etc.
We developed this increible bond that made us very close of course still a friendship. He admitted to liking me but then about a year into this he had to move across the country. a part of me knew this would possibly happen and as much as i knew it would be best for him it broke my heart. he's been away about 6 months now. and we still talk every day and we have both admitted that we would have worked out romantically, but of course circumstances have made his new home permanent.. Not sure how to cope with this? its an insance connection and its so undeniable. I almost wonder if this is what it feels like when youve met a potential soul mate? i know that sounds crazy but i have never felt so in sync with a person not even my closest friends. Has anyone experienced this? what did you do? how did you cope? what should


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  • Go out on dates with a bunch of other guys. You'll get over it.

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