Ladies, why do you hate me?

Am I just that disgusting? Am I just that hideous? Is it because I'm black, a, well, you know. Is that it? Am I just a fucking disgusting fucking worm.


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  • Self loathing is not attractive. Find something positive about yourself and don't focus on the negative.

    I don't hate, that's a strong emotion.

    • I can't not hate myself, my negatives vastly outweigh my negatives, even if they didn't I'm fucking hideous and want to destroy my face

    • Find something else to like. Maybe you are good at doing something, like inventing, creating, making music, building, I don't know. Just pick something positive and go with that.

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  • You're that self loathing black virgin guy? Dude, you should probably get some help.

    • So I'm infamous now? Cool. Well, my date fucking canceled by just straight up ignoring me and my best friend left, so, now I've got nothing, nothing but some fucking therapist who only cares about money.

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    • Yeah, how fuclking great, so, basically, I spoke to a girl who was never into me and said she'd go on a date with me when she never intended to, a girl I was only going for because I'm in love with said friend, yeah, I'm definitely not alone. Guy, I've been socially isolated for about 10 years

    • But at least you SPOKE to a girl. Dude, I only did that like three or four times in my entire life. Jesus Christ if you did it once, you can do it again.

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  • I don't hate all Anonymous people, just the ones who talk shit.

  • I didn't know I hate/hated you. What did you do to me to make me hate you?

    • I was ugly

    • So you made me hate you because you're ugly? I see. Well person I've never met before or seen ever in my life thank you for informing me about an opinion or judgement I didn't know I ever formed.

  • depends men always make the mistake of going for a 10 when they're a 6


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