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My boyfriend is in Juvie, why? I don't even know. He just texted me a week ago saying "baby I gotta go to court" they took him that same day. I told my mom and she doesn't want me to stay with him. The thing is I never have felt like this with any guy. He makes me happy, he brought me lunch everyday, he took me on my first real date. Any advice?
His mom called me crying. She has keeps me updated on him, she went and saw him Christmas day, she said "Jay said to tell you that he loves and misses you, your all he thinks about." Than she went on to how he seemed to be doing. I have shredded so many tears over this. He and I been together for 5 months. New years will be 6. I won't even be able to see him than. He's only there for 14 days. Gets out on the 3rd of January. I am also worried about him not being his self when he gets out. I herd it changes people to go there. That's one of my main worries is he'll change. Any advice?

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  • It sounds like he really cares about you, and his mom seems very sweet. Just think if you had to go away for a crazy reason, you'd want him to be there waiting for you, right? But you should dig a little and ask his mom what the reason is for him being locked up.

    • I tried his mom said it was something to do with his ex and drugs.. Form before he and I got together. Like he was on probation and he broke it is what I am thinking but not for sure. I don't talk to any of his friends because there all in early 20s or teenage stoners and will try to get me to hook up with them.

    • Wait till he gets out then, and make him explain.

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  • Firstly, find out why he was arrested and then evaluate your relationship with this guy.

    • I asked his mom, she said "Jay will have to tell you the full story, I will just tell you it deals with his ex, and drugs" he used to be an drug addict, until I came into his life, I told him I wasn't about that life, and he would have to sober up and stop drus, he was trying to quit but his buddy's came over a few times and there all pot heads, and he needed to be happy in previous relationships. He has changed from bad boy attitude to semi good boy. He's not on drugs now (to my knowledge) been clean 4 months.

  • I was in the same situation as you, my first boyfriend went to juvie, but I stayed with him until he got out and then he raped me. I'd say leave him.

  • Stick with him.