Do you think this is weird?

I recently met this guy and he asked to take me out for drinks the first time we spoke after meeting. I didn't give him a straight answer at the time. We've been speaking for a couple days now, so I asked when we were going on out for drinks.

He responded and said I can come over any time. I will not be going to his house since he is basically a stranger and I don't know enough about him. I just find it strange that before he was keen to go out and now he's saying I can come over whenever I want.

Do you find this weird? Has anyone else been invited to a person's house having known them for almost a week?


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  • I do find it odd.
    I had a guy pull the same stunt on me a while ago.

    We had conversations about going out with each other, until the day was finally here.
    He told me about how he had sprained his finger, and that he would rather stay home because he was in so much pain.
    He told me I could come to his home, and we could order food.

    I told him, I don't know you well enough to come to your home.
    I'd rather we go out and meet in the city (we live in NY)---the city is in reference to Manhattan (we both live in different boroughs).

    He told me, "Fine, we can go out just meet me at my home first, we will order food then take a cab to the city."

    I found this strange!!!

    Why not just meet directly in the city? Why the need for me to come over? After I refused, we never spoke again.

    I think you should bring this up to the guy you are speaking with. Tell him you feel very uncomfortable and why. If he never speaks with you again because of this, then it's clear to see his motives.


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  • That's weird. I would advise against going to his place.


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  • It's never happened to me, but I wouldn't go. Either go out with him or don't meet him at all. It's a recipe for disaster.