Girls, have you ever lied to yourself about your feelings? Because my situation just doesn't make sense?

It was a natural connection. She broke up with her boyfriend and we started dating, had a fling on/off, but we would always come back and start over. Recently, we met again at a party and she acted angry at me, then ignored me, then mocked me, so I decided to talk to her. She told me she doesn't have feelings for me, so I said we should just stop this and stop seeing each other. She got so angry that she yelled at me and stormed out with tears in her eyes.

We met the day after and she was still angry as hell. This time though she said it would be best to stop seeing each other, I agreed, we turned our backs at each other and both walked away.

I'm telling you, for a girl who has no feelings for me she sure as hell acted emotional and confusing. She even tried to make me jealous during the party at one point, so I have no clue what is up with this girl. Any human being with no feelings whatsoever would just either be indifferent, cold and or normal in such a situation. She wasn't. During ONE NIGHT, I saw anger, hatred, irritation and sadness and I just don't know what's up with her. Anyone?


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  • If her words conflict with her actions, her actions win.

    This is a people thing, by the way, not a women thing. Actions speak louder than words.

    • So you mean even though she says she feels nothing for me, in reality she does? I just can't understand why she would say that if she doesn't mean it

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    • I know what you mean, but why on earth would she SAY that? I mean, that would only make me think there's nothing left and move on. What kind of reaction was she trying to get out of me?

    • She wanted you to storm out after her. She wanted you to make her the object of your pursuit. That whole thrill-of-the-chase thing.

      If she admitted to having residual feelings, that would remove the "pursuit" element.

      Almost certainly none of these would be conscious thoughts, by the way.

      Really. Pick a language you don't speak, and pretend the words are in that language. Then follow the non verbal cues. Press the mute button.

  • Definitely... we tend to be in denial sometimes but that actually won't help

  • She probably wanted you to chase after her.

    I always force myself have feelings for a guy, even when there's no chemistry or physical attraction.

    • What do you mean with that last statement?

    • Like I'll be talking to a guy, and I'll have no feelings for him and I'll even find him annoying, but I just force myself to like him.

    • Well, in this particular case, there was a lot of chemistry, which is why I don't think it's the same here. How do you force yourself to fall for a guy? Is it consciously?