Dating age gap?

So I noticed this girl and im not sure how old she is she could be anywhere from 14-16 I think, I wanna talk to her but what if she is like 14 (im 17) is that not too young. I guess what im asking is whats the youngest age of someone I could date at 17? (yeah ik its a matter of opinion but give me your thoughts)


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  • You should just talk to her, and find out her age. When you are under 18, anything as large as 2 years can be bad. Sure, if you were 27 and she was 24 it wouldn't matter. But there is a big difference between a 14 year old and a 17 year old. I think 15 would be okay in your situation.
    When I was in school a 13 year old girl dated a 16 year old guy and it was seen as creepy by everyone and rightly so...

    • well I only turned 17 like a month ago but yeah im gonna make the first move next time i see her and maybe find out her age a little later, thanks for the advice.

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  • It depends on your maturity, including physical maturity. When you meet a girl's daddy, is he going to think to himself, "This kid just wants to have sex with my daughter!" or will he think "This kid looks like someone I can trust to not pull down her panties"? If you look like you are cruising for sex, no way will parents let you date a 14 year old, or even a 15 year old. Maybe you could date a 16 year old. On the other hand, if you look like you are not trying to score sex with every chick you meet, you might date a 15 year old. I think the 14 year old may be just a tad too young, but her parents may be more permissive than most others. Talk to the girl; find out how old she is. You may be worrying about nothing.

    • the parents thing shouldn't be a problem cause I know her dad and he likes me but yeah I guess you're right I need to talk to her first

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  • It also depends on the law... States have dating laws.. My opinion is 17 should date someone no younger than 15

    • well im in the uk so not really sure on the law

  • Go for it, age is just a number, along as your comfortable with her being younger I don't see the problem.

    • she doesn't look 14 but then again you never know but yeah i wouldn't mind so cool thanks

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