When a girl doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to let you go?

After a short fling with a friend I ended up falling in love with her. It happened so quickly, one week she was all over me, she invited herself around mine and texted me all week, things seemed amazing! The second week she invited me to hers and we went on a little quiet date afterwards. I thought to myself "Finally, the girl I've been waiting for all these years!!"

Let me tell you about this girl first, she is very pretty, tall but she is also slightly insecure. She has had a history of sleeping around a bit and gets a lot of male attention from guys who I think are much better looking and more confident than myself. Her music tastes are the same as mine and we have so much in common. We have been friends for over a year and been to a couple of music festivals together with the rest of our friends. I knew that I liked her, the reason why I didn't make a move sooner was because she was in a serious relationship prior to the fling.

She got a bit distant after the first 3 weeks and it started to make my life Hell!! She said she didn't want a boyfriend and later on she said that she wanted me to be a friend, nothing more or less!! It was tough at first but I decided that It was done, time to move on. She won't let me go that easily though!

Three months have now passed since the fling and I am still in love with her, I talked to her about it and she refused to accept that I could be in love with her. A few days later after some crying I decided that enough was enough. I said to her that I need to stop talking to her, just for a few weeks, get my head strait and carry on as friends. That's what she wants after all? Apparently not! She told me that she doesn't know what she wants and that every time she gets close to me I try to go away!

Now I'm stuck! What does this mean? Am I denying her of the attention she needs or does she actually like me and is actually "not ready?"


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  • She needs to sort her fucking head out, and stop making her indecision your problem since that's not fair.


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  • she is playing with your head, would not recommand to pursue anything serious with this girl.

  • just delete her number and move on. this is the type of girl that you can marry and have her take half of what you've fucking earned by your damn fucking self, because you weren't smart enough to sign a prenup.

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