What should I do about my drama queen girlfriend?

She holds heavy drama filled grudges and Is very confrontational which is super annoying. When I picked her up to go to my sisters for our Christmas party she wanted to talk about something bothering her. I listened and it consisted of "brooke (her friend) invited her to go to a bar and a girl she doesn't loem is also invited and now she is super offended and can't believe Brooke is being so shallow and nosy. my response was blunt and I said "she invited you out and you can say no this offer she didn't mean to piss you off and stop making up drama." Then she got super pissed at me and I laughed at her.


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  • If she gets that works up. It's because she's childish or at least hasaid childish temper. I say that because unfortunately I had the same issue. I. Could be a day dream and turn into a nightmare the next second. And my boyfriend was getting tired of it as well. He has a temper. So we did not clash well during these times. It got to the point where he made it clear the way I was acting was not acceptable. I could have my feelings but I needed to know how and when to express them.
    To cut it short him telling me straight up how unattractive, unnecessary, and childish it was. With no sugar coating to plant the seed in my head that the way I acted was just so unnecessary.
    So to start off tell her how you feel about her brhavor. Now don't just bash her. You obviously care for her if you can ask for help and not just dip. So let her know that first, but that her dramatic reactions just need to calm down. Cuz your not having it.
    Then it'll be up to her, I realized how childish those reactions of mine were when my boyfriend actually went and did the same to me. (Which could be considered childish as well) but he stopped when I blew up about his behavior and he told me "see this is how you've been acting, do you see how it looks? how it makes others feel?" Not just that but he pointed out how exhausting it was to be that way.
    So the next step is up to her. To help myself I had to been in mind I'm a young adult, that I have to keep my cool, I was already attending counseling for another reason but I took the chance work in my emotional side including how I see things.
    I worked to change my mentality and I honestly feel so much better.
    My boyfriend also helped by giving an example of how I would act as well as giving me tips on how to use other words that's weren't as dramatic and how to not take everything straight to the heart but to mentally process it then explain how or why it frustrated me.

    So try working with her but unfortunately it'll be up to her to really change that. She can grow up and find other ways to handle things or she'll be childish and throw a fit when you tell her how you feel.
    In that case it may be better to leave the picture , until she's a little more mature about things. Because unless she has a mental or some kind of illness then the only reason she thinks her behavior is okay and continues it is because people like her family parent and friends have let her get away with it and fed into it including herself.

    • I just get pissed like I will listen to her through serious issues but in this case I just didn't even mind it and ignored her efforts to start something. Then she called her mom and talked it out with her and she said her mom agreed and I just kept quiet.

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  • Because the things she finds dramatic and the end of the world in her eyes are serious, and you just laugh it off. You may just feel its not as big of a deal and she can't see that eye to eye. It's not uncommon but its not that common either, a lot of the times she just needs to take a step back and evaluate the situation without being dramatic. You should tell her that, and to think before she speaks. She's allowed to say whatever is on her mind however she can't expect you to react a certain way.


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