Is he taking me for granted or pulling away?

We have been seeing each other for weeks now. He always holds my hands, tells me he likes me etc. I like him too, but I feel now he is changing or slipping away.

Here is the thing: the last time I saw him was like a few days ago. The last time we departed he said he wished to spend more time with me. In the follwing days, he still texted but I noticed wasn't coming to see me or asking me out- we saw each other more frequently. He spends time with his friends.

Is he taking me for granted?
Is he pulling away?

I am planning to just let him go. I can't stand another guy playing with my emotions.

What do you guys think?


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  • I think that you shold really give it a try before you give up, ask him out!

    • Thanks girl- you are the only one who answered!

      You got MHO

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