Can physical improvement make someone sceptical fall for you?

Ever felt that you just weren't into someone? And when they expressed romantic interest, did you feel either bad for not being 'able' to reciprocate for unknown reasons (to you) or a bit annoyed because they started to come across needy with their advances even if they weren't actually that needy? Like you just fully knew you're somehow... just not into them.

Then, a couple of months pass, you never really thought about them. Maybe once in a blue moon because you felt bored or needed some kind of attention/validation but dismissed said thoughts again because in your head, you still associate the person with neediness and unwanted advances (in men's case, maybe craziness and overtly desperate attempts at breaking his silence because guys seem to label everyone crazy or desperate that like them more and act on felt emotions while he meets every single shred of effort with complete apathy in most cases)

Anyway, you meet them and they just... they just look absolutely gorgeous. Let's say, though, before you rejected them, you actually liked them, but not enough to pursue a relationship even though you felt you'd mesh well... so once you see them again, slimmer, fitter, a healthy glow, perfect posture and that smile! Damn, this person looks pretty happy. And very hot.

Then you catch yourself in the middle of your train of thoughts. Wait. Do I actually feel attracted? Should I maybe talk? Just wanna test the chemistry, hm.

Does the scenario above sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt this way? Like did a person's improvement in outer appearance actually change the way you sexually perceived them? Like suddenly, getting to know them and see where it goes didn't sound that bad anymore, yeah?


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  • no this never happened to me ever. once not attracted, forever not attracted, so far


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