How to flirt with a girl?

I have no idea how to flirt I mainly just talk to them try and find out who they are as a person and shit little comets like I like there cute or gorgeous but it doesn't seem to work mainly I try being me but I have no idea what a proper flirting technique is how are guys suppose to flirt


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  • You should flirt with body language watch videos on YouTube.


What Guys Said 1

  • not hard man... first, don't say they are cute or gorgeous unless you take a girl on a date and say wow you look great... secondly, just be yourself... get in a convo finding out about them and then throw in little comments that are funny but a little cocky... not jerk status but get them laughing... works everytime man... for example: say I am a huge bama fan and the girl went to auburn... and she is talkin about how great the auburn campus is etc... then I say somethin like " yeah for a cowpasture... what did i just say that? haha" but actually listen to what they say and roll with it... soon it will come naturally


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