When a guy travels to see a girl, what does it mean?

Karl and Johann (fictive names) met in Cuba. Karl gave his contact information to Johann. Johann heard from Karl's friend (she got to know this friend better and could tell he was a bit insecure) that Karl was a player. Karl contacted Johann (Johann thinks it's cute because she planned to text him on the New Year, but he did the first steps and contacted her on FB). He plans to visit her because she lives in an exciting city and he wants her to show him around. They don't live in the same province and it's either a couple hours flight or a 36 hours drive.

  • Karl is into Johann and doesn't necessarely expect sex.
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  • Karl is into Johann but also expects sex.
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  • Karl is mostly there to have sex with Johann.
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  • he wants the v

  • Sounds like a player trying to get some. Unless you really expect to play wingman he probably only thinks he's banging you. Cause he's a player.


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