Can sometimes guys put a guard up on certain women that are interested in him, then after words he gave her a chance?

It's always women that put a shield up against a great guy that wants to get to know her by asking her out on a date then she says no at first (all because she wants to lump him in the same catogary as the guys who cheated on her in the past), so it takes her female friends to give him a chance cause he seems like a great nice guy, so she finally gives in and then the two of them both him and her became a couple and end up getting married.

I wish it can be the other way around sometimes so it won't seem like the female gender is better than the male gender to which women are a prize for a guy to work so hard at just to have. It shouldn't seem like women will not work hard just to win that great wonderful guy over all because her pride is too big to where she believes men are not worth it no matter who he is.

  • A.) Yes sometimes men can put their guard up on women who make the first move, eventually he starts to open up
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  • B.) No men don't put their guard up
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  • Depends on the woman, if she is very hot, no man would ever put his guard up.

    • But you have to know her personality first

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    • Some women, and some men believe in it ;)

    • Thanks for the MHO

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