Am I overthinking this? Or is this just a girl thing? AH, HELP PLEASE?

Okay people. Here's the breakdown, my girlfriend and I have been dating about 4 months, tell each other we love each other, still in high school, and see each other 1-2 times in a given week. So everything has been perfectly fine and I've had such an amazing relationship with her. So winter break started on the 18th of December, Life is fine and dandy and she has planned a couple fun things for her to do with her friends and family including a visit to a lake house which is awesome for her because she doesn't get to do that kinda stuff much. So Christmas comes around and we finally hang out because we were so busy. (we tried on the 22nd but my work schedule wouldn't compromise) any-who, I gave her a really cool Christmas gift that she texted me about later that night and said she absolutely loved it but from the 26th on, things started getting different... She has a split family so she had another Christmas that day and I had work, I got back to her around 9 and she kinda just answered my texts simply and wasn't necessarily heartfelt, but, I ignored it, we both said "I love you and goodnight" and that was it. The next day she sent me a random text at 1:30 saying she's going to Tennessee for 5 days and I was kinda like, "okay babe, I'll miss you" Etc., but through a crazy change of events, her flight ended up getting cancelled at midnight and so she was hella upset because she's always wanted to travel to new places and meet her family. But since then, her texts have gotten shorter, her replies are simplistic in detail, and it's pretty split between typical sweet replies, and basic answers. It's concerning me because she's not like that. We're literally like best friends and tell each other everything. She still tells me she loves me though, and honestly, I think I might just be overthinking all this, but she's just about to leave for her lake house that I mentioned earlier so I'm not gonna see her until school starts back up. How should I take this and what should I do?


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  • She's probably just busy with family and getting ready for the lake house. Don't worry about she'll probably start talking to you when things aren't so busy.


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