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Before I met up with him we chatted almost every day, give or take a random day because of one of us being busy and it went like that for about 3 months and not going to lie I loved every second of it! We started talking in late July and it petered out mid October.
Both of us starting up the conversation but most of the time I waited for him to say hi first. We talked about everything, all our goals and aims for life about our hobbies and just general joking about. We also often flirted.

After a week of talking he asked if we could meet up with me. When I first met him we met up at a car park near to where I live and we went for a walk down the canal whilst chatting getting to know each other and having a laugh, after a while of talking and going for a walk I looked at him and happened to looks directly into his eyes and just had this weird feeling shoot through my body. It’s hard to explain I've never felt anything like it before, but I knew I liked him from that point onwards.

He knows I like him now but he doesn’t know the whole weird feeling thing. I told him towards the end of October that I liked him and he was very sweet about it. He apologised as he thought he had led me on although I knew he had always said from the start he never really wanted a girlfriend because of how busy he is at the moment. We still talk every now and again he even met up with me for my birthday (3rd December) because all my friends canceled on me although he had work the next day.

Keep in mind I'm 23 and he is 26. But I just want opinions about this whole thing. Do I stand a chance in the future? Should we stay friends, because he is an awesome friend. or anything you can think of.


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  • he seems like a nice guy to me from what you've written. He likes you, he's just taking his time. If you really really like him, don't let him go; respect his decision and wait for him.


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  • Go slow with Joe's flow and see where it may Go in the new year, dear. One never knows what card may be dealt when two people first meet and from there, could get real sweet.
    If you pressure him, he will only run the other way and not want to be any bird of any feather on any given day. Nurse and nurture something special that you have started. He has been this Honest John in telling you that he is nor ready nor raring to be hooked at the hip so by taking your time, down this fine line, it just may get you a cozy nest for two In... The future. So far so good with a Friendship and Fella-ship you have began with this man.
    Life is one big gamble, never anything for sure but death and taxes. If you want Rome to be built in a day, then go your own way. Or you could stick it out and continue what you have And... It just may be the Best Chance for Romance that you ever handed yourself.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays. xx

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