Advice on dating a high profile celebrity?

I would really appreciate your advice on dating a high profile celebrity as a private woman who does not have instagram, twitter, and barely participates on Facebook. I have privacy conerns when it comes when it comes to who exactly owns pictures I upload online. Plus I generally find those websites to be a waste of my productivity and attention. You can't really find a whole lot out about me if you google me. I'm not even on linked in. This makes things feel a bit awkward when it comes to the man I'm dating because he is very high profile and social media is a necessary aspect of his career. I know that he has been very promiscuous because he's a highly attractive dancer with a sexy accent and he's traveled internationally for work. This makes me feel like I have to satisfy some insaitable sexual desire in order to make him want me but I don't like to engage in sex too soon.

I'd really love some insight and advice on the best way to approach dating him. It won't be like dating other guys. Any possible advice or help you could give would be greatly appreciated. :)


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  • Become a high profile celebrity

    • I would never want to be a high profile celebrity. I have no interest or desire in fame nor do I care for all that attention. I think that's apart of his attraction to me...

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    • Really that's so cool, who is it? Just tell me, over pm if not here

    • I'd rather not say. But on a serious note, he lives a very unique lifestyle which involves a lot of travel so I'm trying to figure out how we can actually date and how I can give him what he needs beyond what he's been getting from spontaneous, hot sex, baseless connections, momentary connections, etc. I've never been involved with a man who travels so much. What can I do to maintain and enhance our connection?

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