Are these good indicators that he likes me? Or does he already sound clingy?

I just went on a first date with a guy. This is what happened:

- He talked about a second date during our first date
- He kept saying how lovely I look during the date
- He kept holding my hand across the table when we were at the bar
- He held my hand as we were walking down the street etc.
- He started talking about how it may be difficult long-term-wise if I move to another part of the country for work
- He sent me a facebook friend request during the date when I went to the bathroom
- He kissed me goodbye and said we should arrange to see eachother in a few days time
- He messaged me instantly as soon as we said goodbye to eachother to say what a great time he had.

Are these good signs or signs that he's too clingy?


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  • To me he sounds pretty clingy, but it is completely dependent upon your preferences


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  • He might be narcissistic, I would look that up to test to sed if he is. I. e. if you are having a bad day, talk to him about it. If he empathize with you, good. .. if not run!