Can't forget about her? any advices?

I tried everything... cut all contacts, keeping myself busy, dating other girls, trying to focus only on her bad points when she pops in my head but nothing helps. Its been two years and I still can't keep her out of my heart.

Does anyone has any suggestions about how to help me forget about her?



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  • The other option apart from forgetting her is letting go. The misconception here is that forgetting her is equal to getting over her when it isn't. Somebody who is an important part of your life is always going to be there, accepting they don't see you like they used to is the quickest way.

    • By forgetting about her I meant forgetting about my feelings for her which is why I asked for space because staying close wouldn't help me at all. I know that she is gonna be there for me if something bad happens and probably because she is really important to me that its this hard to let go. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    • As I said, she's important so you're always going to have feelings for her to some extent. It's fine, mate really. I guess the big question is would you ever consider giving it another go if she asked?

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  • Well first off, why aren't the two of you together anymore? How long were you together? I'm sorry she's stuck in your heart, but before anyone can answer your question, a few more details are needed.

    • We have been friends until I started having feelings for her and it was just too difficult for me to see her dating other guys (I told her how I felt). I told her I needed space to be able to deal with it but hasn't got luck with it. (just so you know I didn't become her friend so I could have a chance, it was clear at the time that I didn't want any kind of relationship with anyone) ... We usually hungout one-on-one (kinda friend date I guess) so I guess that's why I felt such a strong connection.

    • We are still good friends btw, except for the not talking since then but I just can't forget my feelings for her

    • Okay, well does she want to date you at all? Or does she just want to be friends? If dating is out of the question, then what others have said is true. You have to just let her go completely. It's really going to take time for you. You're on the right track by acknowledging your feelings for her and when she pops into your head. You just have to tell yourself, it's not going to happen, and that you have to move on. It takes time. Believe me, just believe in yourself too.

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