Do black guys still date black or dark skin girls?

I hear more and more black girls feeling depressed their fellow black men no longer desire them now. That sucks a lot because not all black females have attitude problems. I have also seen black men who only want to hang out and "smash" light skin women, particularly whites or Hispanics. I am not black, but being abandoned by their own race is no fun.


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  • I see plenty of black people fucking whites and hispanics, usually in this weird ass situation where the girl is super nice and innocent and the black guy is a bad boy who is twice her size. Maybe they just want black dick? I still have never figured this out, but I rarely see these couples stay together because the guy is usually immature as hell. It could be because I really do see a lot of black women with shitty attitudes and a lot of black men that avoid them like a plague.

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